Afghan Kush strain


Afghan Kush strain



TYPE: Indica

THC: up to 15%

APPEARANCE: Light and darker colour green with thick orange hairs

SMELL:  Not the greatest smell mango mixed with a musty basement

BEST FOR TREATING:  Insomnia, Anxiety, Pain, Appetite, Depression and Migraines

CREATED FEELINGS:  Good for night time, energetic at first then mellow and relaxing

DURATION: Varies by quality but usually 2 hours



Afghan Kush| buy marijuana online USA

Afghan Kush is a popular marijuana strain with a THC level up to 15%. Also,  it tastes very medicinal and has dramatic effects on pain relief. More so, Narcotic feeling in nature Afghan Kush is popular for patients looking to relieve pain, stress, insomnia and nausea. Afghan Kush strain

With The Gorilla at your side, you won’t e to brave the Hindu Kush for your supply of Afghan Kush! This wild, landrace strain has been safely caged in our warehouse. And can be on its way to your door in no time.  Afghan Purple Kush is the offspring of Afghan Kush and Purple Kush, both pure indicas. Buy marijuana online USA . That means Afghan Purple Kush has a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 0:100. THC can be quite concentrated in this strain, with maximum levels exceeding 21%. CBD contents, meanwhile, are much lower than 1%, so this strain.

Afghan Kush
Although it has been slightly tamed and almost house-broken, these same genetics continue to grow wild in her native land. More  so, this means her hardy nature can stand up to the cool UK climate while still producing beastly THC and monster yields!  Also, it is 100% Indica Genetics Dripping with 21.6% THC.  Just What You’ve been Looking For Exceptional Medicinal Potential to Cure What Ails You Finishes in 45 to 55 Days.  So fast Your head Will Spin Monstrous Yields – 450 to 600 Grams Depending on Conditions.

The Gorilla is better than a tour guide when it comes to showing you the way to the Afghan Kush Seeds. With his tutelage, you’ll get the freshest cannabis seeds at the best prices and in the shortest time.

He’ll even assign one of his personal assistants to make sure your entire order goes as smoothly as, well, a banana smoothie!


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